On May 16th, Cosmo Tech released the 2.6.1 Version of its Web Application. The driver of this product enhancement lies in the constant feedback we receive from our trusted partners and an internal desire for continuous improvement. The expertise of our partners in multiple industries gives us helpful insights to guarantee the constant improvement of the Sample Web App.

New features and upgrades

Below we highlight the main updates of the Cosmo Tech Sample WebApp:

The Digital Twin visualization component

One of the main improvements this release comes with is the Flowchart feature located in the Navigation top bar of the user interface.

It provides a high-fidelity digital replica of the simulated dataset. This Digital Twin representation offers the unique ability to replicate all activity and interaction throughout the production chain, regardless of the number and location of your manufacturing sites, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors involved.

Scenario validation status management

This feature enables users to change the scenario validation status with two new options: “Validated” or “Rejected”. The benefit of this new feature translates into a clearer view on the created scenarios. It acts as a helpful guide in pointing out where the user should be looking throughout the Scenario Manager interface.

Scenario View layout improvement

The scenario parameters are now at the top of the screen. This reorganization of the current user interface improves accessibility and guarantees a more user-friendly experience.

Switch from “Scenario Manager” to “Scenario View” with one click

User workflow has been improved to fasten and facilitate the navigation. To this end, users can open a scenario in the “Scenario View” directly from the “Scenario Manager”. 

Scenario run duration tracking

Via the Microsoft Application Insights, users have now the ability to consult live the run duration history between when a scenario is launched and when the results are displayed. This feature provides an overview on the dataset performance, and enables the user to track the duration taken to run a specific scenario.

List of bugs fixed 


Bug Name Status
fix app crash when no scenarios exist (dcf9cc5) Fixed
Change PermissionGate children prop type from object to node (01b1540) Fixed 
Add & use new permission canChangeScenarioValidationStatus for validation status edition (5bc6879) Fixed

General Notes

Clients and partners can upgrade to the latest webapp version, by replacing their current web application version with the Vanilla release, on our public Github repository.