Cosmo Tech Sample Web App 4.0 Release Note

Cosmo Tech Sample Web App 4.0 Release Note


The driver of this product enhancement lies in the constant feedback we receive from our trusted partners and an internal desire for continuous improvement. The expertise of our partners in multiple industries gives us helpful insights to guarantee the constant improvement of the Sample Web App.

New features and upgrades

Hereinbelow are highlighted the main updates of the Cosmo Tech Sample Web App 4.0.

New features

Digital Twin exploration

The Digital Twin tab (previously named Instance), has been improved to enhance its exploration and discover relational impacts more easily.
It is now possible to see relation types and apply several filters/search criteria, thus allowing a better understanding on how entities are linked and behaving.

Scenario sharing and permissions

Users who create their own scenario have now a better control on what other users are allowed to see and do.
This new feature allows to enforce accesses and share scenarios to more people with less sensitive rights to further secure the data.


The documentation is available on the Cosmo Tech Developer Portal: Web App Help 4.0.