Cosmo Tech Supply Chain 2.3 Release Note

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain 2.3 Release Note


The Simulation Digital Twin of Cosmo Tech, dedicated to Supply Chain, is designed to help with the resolution of complex problems encountered during the design and management of supply chains. It allows to cover a wide range of use cases from strategic problems to real-time monitoring of the supply chain through tactical and operational planning.

New feature and upgrades

Hereinbelow are highlighted the main updates of Supply Chain 2.3.

New feature

Sensitivity analysis

The main addition of this release is the new run type Sensitivity analysis, available at the creation of a new scenario in the web application.

Sensitivity analysis’ scenario parameters

The sensitivity analysis is the study of how uncertainty in the output of a model can be divided and allocated to different sources of uncertainty in its inputs. Applied to the Simulation Digital Twin Supply Chain, this analysis allows to quantity the sensitivity of each input regarding the model’s KPIs. For instance, one can use it to identify the most impactful resources and business parameters. Or, by using it as an automated stress test of the complete supply chain, it can help in identifying where the vulnerabilities are in the case of an unexpected event.

Example of a sensitivity analysis looking at transport lead-times impacts on final service level


Uncertainty analysis

The run type Uncertainty analysis, already introduced in previous releases, has been completed with the possibility to integrate uncertainty of transport lead-times. The user can thus simulate the fact that they do not know exactly what the transport duration will be (for every transport or only some). In that case, the solution will automatically launch thousands of simulations including hazard on transport durations. This hazard is qualified by the user when configuring their scenario (distribution laws and parameters). As a result, they will get statistical results for all generated KPIs to know the confidence index to reach a certain level of performance.

It is the same feature which was already available for uncertain demand volumes and production capacities.

The user can now combine all three types of uncertainty and see how it impacts its performance (with a probabilistic approach).

Uncertainty analysis’ scenario parameters

Uncertainty analysis’ dashboard


The documentation, in both English and French, is available on the Cosmo Tech Developer Portal: