Cosmo Tech Platform 2.4 Release Note
Release Note

Cosmo Tech Platform 2.4 Release Note


A new release of the Cosmo Tech Platform is now available. Cosmo Tech Platform is a managed application using a next-gen hybrid AI technology that provides holistic and dynamic digital twin simulation to predict the evolution of organizations in uncertain environments and to optimize all levels of enterprise planning and decision making.

With a 360° view of their organization, decision makers can run unlimited scenarios to better understand the current behavior of their complex organization, anticipate all possible situations even under conditions that have never occurred before.

New features and upgrades

We’ve highlighted below the main updates included in the Cosmo Tech Platform 2.4 release.

Twin Data Layer

New Endpoint for twingraph manipulation (Create Read Update Delete): you now have a complete set of endpoints to manipulate (CRUD, unitary and batch) graph and entities (nodes & edges) stored in the twin data layer, making you fully independant to manage your simulation input data.

List of available endpoints on Swagger

createGraph Swagger Create a new Graph (either empty or from an input .csv file)
batchQuery Swagger Query an existing Graph with a Cypher request and return result as a .zip file in an asynchronous mode
downloadGraph Swagger Download entire graph as .zip file
getEntities Swagger Get values from a list of entities (nodes or relationships) in an existing Graph
createEntities Swagger Create new entities (nodes or relationships] in an existing Graph
deleteEntities Swagger Delete a list of entities (nodes or relationships) from an existing Graph
updateEntities Swagger Update values from a list of entities (nodes or relationships) in an existing graph)
updateGraphMetadata Swagger Update an existing Graph metadata
batchUploadUpdate Swagger Update the values of an existing Graph from a zipped .csv file

CosmosDB decommisioned

CosmosDB has been removed from cloud platform dependencies; data previously stored in the CosmosDB database now resides in Cosmo Tech Platform data storage.

Existing platforms can migrate their CosmosDB data to Cosmo Tech Platform data storage by using the following migration script:

Documentation & scripts

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